Apr 27


Capital Grass and the No Men & The Dead South

Thursday, May 7 @ Pressed (750 Gladstone Ave.)

all ages/licensed 19+ - 8pm doors - $8 at the door

co-presented by Spectrasonic and The Ottawa Folklore Centre

Aug 5

Jun 14


Did you hear? We're playing the TD Ottawa Jazz Festival on Saturday June 21st at 2pm at the Laurier Ave Canadian Music Stage. And the best news is that it's a FREE show!

We're really honoured and excited to be playing the same festival as some of our biggest influences. Bela Fleck's fusion of jazz and bluegrass (June 26th) first inspired Matt to pick up the banjo ten years ago, Elliott Brood's edgy, death-country sound (June 24th) were a major influence on Capital Grass way back in our humble beginnings in Southern Ontario, and more recently, Nels Cline (June 25th) has inspired Wayne to push the boundaries of his blistering guitar solos into brand new sonic territories.

We'll be playing songs off our brand new album "Hunkerdownlow" and it'll be available for sale (both CD and Vinyl) for the very first time at the Jazzfest merch tent at Major's Hill Park.

See y'all there!

PS - Click here for a map of Ottawa Jazzfest stages.



Oct 27

Help us get our song "Black Aces"
on Hockey Night In Canada!

In case you haven't heard, Hockey Night In Canada is running a contest to find the next great hockey song and by golly, we think we've written it! It's called Black Aces (click here to give it a listen).

If we win, Joel Plaskett will produce our song and it'll get played in an opening manage during Hockey Night In Canada. Plus, we'll get to perform Black Aces live in Lloydminster, Alta at the Hockey Day in Canada Concert! Voting starts November 23rd, but in the meantime, listen to Black Aces and share it with your friends!

Here's the official link to Black Aces: http://music.cbc.ca/play/artist/Capital-Grass-and-the-No-Men/Black-Aces

Thanks a million to all our fans for your support!



Apr 14

Come see us play live music at the Rainbow Bistro on April 24th.

Weird Witch Cats and James Leclaire will be there

$5 @ the door

Facebook event



Feb 28

Hi folks, we're happy to announce that we'll be playing the 2013 edition of the RBC Royal Bank Bluesfest!

No word yet on what time or which stage we'll be playing, but we do know the date we'll be playing: Saturday July 13th along side the likes of Bjork, Stars, Mississippi Heat, Ra Ra Riot, The Knocks, John Smith & John Cleary. Thanks to all our fans for the support over the past year!

- Matt


Jan 20

Hi folks, recently Beck released an entire album only in the form of sheet music, leaving it up to his audience to interpret his songs in any way they see fit. In the past, other artists such as Sufjan Stevens and Moby have offered up their songs for free, encouraging musicians to give new versions, new viewpoints and new life to their songs. Both schools of thought harken back to the turn of the century when songs were distributed not by radio or records, but by sheet music and oral tradition.

If I wrote a song 100 years ago, the only hope I'd have for it to live on would be for someone to sing it and then pass it on to someone else. This is the folk tradition which has been a huge inspiration and influence on all things Capital Grass over the years.

We're going to be hitting ye ol' recording studio very soon, but in the meantime, we wanted to offer up a song for everyone to play and share with each other. My Universe is a short, sweet and simple love song that started out as a simple banjo riff. We've added simple tab and lyric sheets for you to work from. If you want to cheat and listen to the original version, here's a link to the audio for you. But, if you want to have some fun, try singing it before listening to the original and see how close you get! If you think about it, it's sort of like a musical colouring book. We've provided the lines, now you choose the different hues and shading. And if you're feeling really brave, record it on youtube and send us a copy, we'd love to see it!

My Universe Lyrics and Tabs

- Matt


Jan 1

C'mon out to Capital Grass' first gig of 2013!

Friday, January 4th

The Rainbow Bistro, 76 Murray St

with Lefty McRighty & The Sinister Six and James Leclaire

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Oct 8

We had an awesome evening on the final night of the O-Town Hoedown. The evening started with James Leclaire playing a great solo set. We were next on the bill, not to toot our own horn, but I dare say we melted some faces that night. We played a short 40 minute set and it was simultaneously refreshing and energizing to pack in 7 songs and leave it all on the stage. The only snafu was that Wayne's power supply failed on his pedal board so we had to scramble to find him some batteries. With a streamlined pedal board (tuner, overdrive and delay only) he rocked the house as usual. It's amazing that after being together for five years that our sound continues to evolve and it practically feeds and propels itself on its own momentum. After we finished, The Divorcees played a tight set full of country standards. Alex Madsen is an amazing guitar player. And to close out the night, Steve Stacey and the Stump Splitters closed out the night in style. It's too bad we can't do this every weekend, the past couple weeks have confirmed our suspicion that Ottawa's Country scene is alive and thriving.

- Matt